Kouklakia Mou (lethal_bunnehh) wrote,
Kouklakia Mou

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the unknown soldier..

Ive been staring at your pictures too long,
Ive been crying,
I keep thinking im doing a lot better than iam.
and when i think about that,
i cry.
feeling bad about how much i wanna talk to you.
but cannot.
i wake up,
and i think of you.
I sleep, i think of you.
So Im going to just try and distractr myself.
but wer both kn ow where my head is.
I pray for your familyt.
i pray for you.
i pray for us, your friends.
here's to ft. benning.
here's to another fallen soldier.
here's to happiness.
heres to "this isnt the end,
this isnt goodbye
this is just until then."
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