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Kouklakia Mou

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Simba, [04 Aug 2009|07:13pm]
Going to type this as quickly as possible before my shock/serenity wears off!


--Simba, there's one thing that comes to mind when I think of you: Love. I adore and cherish all the memories you've given me. You used to lay in my bed and sleep at my feet, then you began to sleep on my bed all together. I used to wake up to you being ready to leave the house at 6 am, no problem. You would sit next to my friends and occasionally growl that they got too close to your face. When I was sad, you would lay next to me as if to say "Im here! Pet me. Stop being so sad, dammit." I'm so glad we saved you from the shelter. I had qualms about getting a dog from the pound, but I will never fear it again. You started going down hill a long time ago, and I said it before, but I know it was your time to go. I miss and love you forever and always. I know you're up there with grandma and grandpa. I know you're in heaven, or just as good, hanging out around the house, finally able to sleep in our beds without having bad hip pains. You stole my heart the minute I saw you crying in that fence.

You've been literally my very best friend, when many others wouldn't be. And I truly appreciate that.

♥ Mommykins and Anna Banana
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bulletins and cmments. I'm 21! [15 Feb 2009|07:53am]
[ mood | birthday girl ]

Happy Un-birthday to Me, and Happy Valentine's to Everyone
Well, last night was my 21st birthday, and I had a blast. Honestly, I was so into the whole "I gotta do it up big!" idea, that I ended up just being overwhelmed. I had too many ideas. At the last minute I said "Okay, let's make it simple." I saw He's Just Not That Into You which is fantastic, I suggest seeing it with some good friends, not sure if you'd want to see it with a new guy unless you know he's into you. Then I went to the pizza place next door, and got a free beer. :] "Shock Top" is the name. I'm a lightweight, so I felt it very quickly. I had a blast. It was just enough. In the end, Ash, Dustin and Kyle came, Christy couldn't make it because she couldn't go to the movies, but we'll make it up on her birthday coming up. Jessica's on the 19th still, so happy pre-birthday again. :) We're all turning 21, lol. Nothing left after this. =/ It's an odd feeling. I felt kind of dirty having my first beer. It was like "...?" I didn't even really care for it, I was just so happy I could have it. And it tasted kind of nice. <3 Citrusy. It wasn't a bunch of alcohol, so I wasn't drunk or anything, but it was tasteful. I'm babbling. I was invited to go to Rocky,but unfortunately Iwas getting REALLY tired. Everyone came back to the house and had some cake. My mom had the cake made to say "Happy Birthday Anna & Ashleigh" but the person put "Ana & Ashley" lol. All in all, it was fantastic. I didn't find it boring in the least. I can always go to the clubs another time, but this was a good introduction to being 21 and old enough to do anything I want. It's more of a milestone than anything else. ♥ Thanks for coming again, guys. I'm sooo taking pics of the things I got.^^

Alexa, Feb 14, 2009 9:15 PM
Im glad you had fun. Thats the point! I saw the same movie a few days ago. I didnt care much for it. I guess its the whole affair part, Im like Grr. Lol. Cant stand unfaithful males. Anyway. Sorry about your cake, but it could have been worse. MY name could have been on it. I was so bummed last night. I wanted to be there so bad. All my best friends are growing up and i am not there to celebrate with you all. =(. Oh well, hopefully Ill be there in July! I dont plan to get drunk on my b-day either. Just maybe order 2 drinks at a restraunt with Thomas just because I can. Lol. (We are 2 days apart so I will probably wait to celebrate with him) Cant wait to see pics!
Feb 15, 2009 7:51 AM
Aww, that's awesome. Then you guys have practically the same birthday, that's cute. :) How many damned Geminis do I know, who date other Geminis? :/ A LOT. :] That's the answer. -- You and Emily date a bunch, it seems. Could just be me. I had a good time. Hopefully I'll see you when I'm in New York in a few weeks. If not, I'll see you in July, definitely.

Valentine. xxoo

REPLY: Feb 16, 2009 9:40 AM
Shi-dizzle-ya! You're totally right. I could be the next pr-Oh wait. :( I wasn't born in America. But still! I had dual-citizenship for 18 years, but then I had to choose. :/ Duhh, hello? America ftw? :] lol. Anyway. I can always PRETEND to be president, though! :D YAY! We want change, yes we can! Insert any other cliches that feel good to say! -Delete-
Breakfast Cereal

Jessica/Shiya 7:32 AM
Hey, that's not true! There's something left after this! After all, you're still not old enough to be the president, or a senator, or a representative! :D Because you totally planned on doing those things, amirite?

Tomorrow is my 21st Birthdaaay
and everyone is invited.

Curs_Rez Feb 12, 2009 5:22 PM
downtown fullerton here we come! -Delete- Yosh! It's Frank...Just… Frank Allen Feb 12, 2009 5:13 PM

and all that jazz.

Comment Valentine. xxoo Online Now!
Tha c0rrupt0r Feb 14, 2009 8:30 AM
Happy Belated.. didnt get online yesterday.. and thanks for the bday wishes >: -Delete- r o b i n [[♥]] Feb 13, 2009 2:52 PM
CONGRATS ON YOUR DING :D -Delete- Yosh! It's Frank...Just… Frank Allen Feb 13, 2009 10:52 AM

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the unknown soldier.. [23 Jan 2009|07:39pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

Ive been staring at your pictures too long,
Ive been crying,
I keep thinking im doing a lot better than iam.
and when i think about that,
i cry.
feeling bad about how much i wanna talk to you.
but cannot.
i wake up,
and i think of you.
I sleep, i think of you.
So Im going to just try and distractr myself.
but wer both kn ow where my head is.
I pray for your familyt.
i pray for you.
i pray for us, your friends.
here's to ft. benning.
here's to another fallen soldier.
here's to happiness.
heres to "this isnt the end,
this isnt goodbye
this is just until then."

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mhm. [22 Jan 2009|06:11pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Im doing that one thing,
you know, that one thing?
Where I hide my feelings,
pretend I'm fine,
wondering what to do for myself.

I dont know if I want to go out and have fun.

Or just sit and think.

both sound just as good as the other.

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Jan 22, 2009 4:28 PM
You can come drink at my house.

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to jooj. [21 Jan 2009|06:19pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Well, although I was in denial, I just spoke to you wife, Jooj. And she confirmed what Fuco said... so. I guess I need to speak. And say goodbye.

I guess this is the part where I say how great of a person you were, Dylan, or tell people just exactly what you did in the Army, or how much your wife and daughter loved you. How much your family and friends cared for you. But that goes without saying. You were adored. You were funny. You were charasmatic. You always made me and others laugh. I will never forget the first thing you told me when we met. I was speaking to Costa, and you said "YOU'RE TRYING TO RUIN OUR MARRIAGES." I had no idea what you meant by then. I think you were overtired. -- You were the best. You had your problems, but who didn't? Instead of being overbearing and sad for yourself, you were hilarious. You chose to entertain, quite like me, I suppose. You were the funniest one out of all of this. Way funnier than me. You were intelligent and quick. Deep, but you let on like you were a puddle. You didn't let people know how sad you were sometimes. But we cared. We all do. I'm surprised, to be honest. I just found out about your passing. I knew something bad happened, but I couldn't figure out to who. Now I know...

I haven't lost a friend since 2001, and honestly? I'm just in shock. I don't know what to think. I'm so sad, but I cant express it. The last time I talked to you I told you to hold on. heh. I regret that. I'm holding a lot of guilt. But I need to let that go. I need to learn to let things go.

We will always love and miss you, Dylan "Jooj" Kruger. You were the best. As I sit here crying, I listen to Avril Lavigne's "Keep Holding On" in a sort of ode to you. I know that you are happier in the afterlife than you were here, for a long time. And that, as your wife said, gives peace.

I know you're in a better place right now, Jooj. I know you're happier. I just know it. And for that, I am happier too. I cry for you because I miss you, but I am happy you're in heaven. God needed another angel.

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to Sonics [21 Jan 2009|10:18am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I hate you guys. Don't you know I'm in Oceanside? I see your commercials all the times and your deals excite me, but don't you know that I am nowhere near Hemet, Anaheim, Cathedral City, Victorville or El Centro? Quite the opposite, I'm very far. At least 45 minutes. Why do you do this to me? Don't you know I'd be a loyal customer and frequent you at least once a month on the sheer basis of your "World Famous" slushees? I'd love to have one in Watermelon. Or perhaps a "Low-Calorie Cherry" although I wasn't aware normal cherries are high in calories. Oh, and world famous? Why are you world famous? I personally would have no idea, would I? You guys also have sweet tea. I haven't had real sweet tea since I was in Ft. Benning, the land of pre-sweetened iced teas where you don't have to put your own filthy packets and stir for 15 minutes while trying to make the sugar dissintrigrate.

So just think about it, Sonics. You could come all the way over here to North County and give us some sassy treats. We'd be loyal customers. And by "We" I mean "Me" and that should be enough for you to pack up your bags right now.

Frank, Ashleigh, Self.

User has been banned

From: halo.
Online Now!

Date: Jan 21, 2009 10:16 AM
Subject: To Sonics,
Body: I hate you guys. Don't you know I'm in Oceanside? I see your commercials all the times and your deals excite me, but don't you know that I am nowhere near Hemet, Anaheim, Cathedral City, Victorville or El Centro? Quite the opposite, I'm very far. At least 45 minutes. Why do you do this to me? Don't you know I'd be a loyal customer and frequent you at least once a month on the sheer basis of your "World Famous" slushees? I'd love to have one in Watermelon. Or perhaps a "Low-Calorie Cherry" although I wasn't aware normal cherries are high in calories. Oh, and world famous? Why are you world famous? I personally would have no idea, would I? You guys also have sweet tea. I haven't had real sweet tea since I was in Ft. Benning, the land of pre-sweetened iced teas where you don't have to put your own filthy packets and stir for 15 minutes while trying to make the sugar dissintrigrate.

So just think about it, Sonics. You could come all the way over here to North County and give us some sassy treats. We'd be loyal customers. And by "We" I mean "Me" and that should be enough for you to pack up your bags right now.

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Online Now! Jan 21, 2009 3:42 PM
Frank, some of us just aren't as lucky as you. And Ashleigh, maybe we should make a reality show like where the prize is to get a whole franchise, but the twist is it's Sonics, and it comes to Oceanside, and all of the sales from the straws go to Breast Cancer Funds.

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Dear Obama [21 Jan 2009|07:48am]
[ mood | excited ]

My Bulletin Post:
Titled, "Dear Obama"

Date: Jan 20, 2009 10:14 PM
Subject: Dear Obama,
Body: Every single time I see your face and hear you talking, I smile so hard that I begin to cry and burst into tears of happiness and hope. I think you're giving 2 things that America needs right now, but has lost for so long that we completely forgot we need them: Hope and Change. you've really given us a second chance at sanity, in a time of depression. We love you and your family, Mr. Obama.

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From Comment
♥[12/30]Missing my Husb…

Jan 21, 2009 4:27 AM
I have to say it. I wonder if Obama would have been out beaken of hope if he was white, but I guess any president is going to be admired since he isn't the hated bush(I dont hate him). I give him about 2 years and then people will love to complain about him too, sadly. When he takes all the guys into afgahn, people are going to sing another tune. But maybe they will support this war more since we should have focused there and not on Iraq. *shrugs* But I really hope he can help our country. -Delete-

Jan 21, 2009 3:40 AM
dear oh-blah-blah...... you talk with a silver tongue! -Delete-


Jan 20, 2009 11:58 PM
AMEN -Delete-

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"You should date my mom. She loves biting the inside of her lip too." [17 Jan 2009|02:39pm]
[ mood | creative ]

This is a survey about your top 8, stolen from Alexa. I'm going to post what she said about me first, because I found some of it funny, and then I'll get on with my answers.
Do you wanna kiss 4?
No, sorry Anna.

Best memory with 4?
School, she made me laugh all the time.
But I love how when my ex was about to dump me she asked him if he "killed the bunny yet"

Describe 4 in 3 words?
Hilarious, Crazy(for giving up sweets), and intelligent.

When was the last time you saw 4?
Its been years.

Do you love 4?
Yep. Non-sexually of course, dont worry.

Have you hugged 4?
I havent in FOREVER! Anna! Hug me!

lol. <3 H'okai!! Off to sur-vay.

















The Questions

How did you meet 6?
She's my cousin.

Why are you friends with 3?
I'm not, she just doesn't know yet, and I don't have the heart to break it to her.

Is 7 in a relationship?
I don't know, but not because I don't care, but because we don't talk about it. [= But I don't think so.

Have you kissed 1?
Yeah, I kiss her when she's here on the forehead. [= She's really small. Soon she'll be too big to even hold.

Have you hugged 4?

Have you done anything sexual with 6?
Still my cousin.

Would 1 and 8 make a good couple?
Eva's too small to date. yet. But she's gonna be a heartbreaker.

How long have you known 2?
4th grade. Worst day of my life.

Would you ever kiss 7?

Whats a good memory with 5?
I remember laughing a lot and becoming her friend because her and my boyfriend have a lot in common.

Ever hugged 8?
Yeah, a really, really long time ago.

Do you love 4?
Yeah. She's really gotten me through a lot of things. :) She was one of the only people who was around for me when I really needed help.

Is 5 nice?
She hates you. She's fun, but she hates you. - Actually, she's really nice, and I remember a few, if not a lot of my guy friends liking her. Eheh.

How did you meet 3?
I met her in the 4th grade and she didn't like me. I just remember her wearing these damned old lady dresses, and wondering why she and her best friend wore cowboy boots/flow-y picnic get up.

Who makes you laugh most?
They all make me laugh a lot.

Who makes you smile most?
Eva, to be honest. She's really adorable and just holding her makes you feel better. Something about youth makes you feel like you have all the time in the world to be young, and no time to keep acting old.

When was the last time you saw 4?
We rarely talk anymore. =/ But she's still there for me.

Would 3 and 6 make a cute couple?
Alexa and Eleni? Maybe if Alexa got into the Greek lady with a baby thing, and Eleni got into the Taylor Swift Loving Alexabot, then yeah, maybe it'd happen.

Does 8 love you?
lol? We're cousins.

Do you see 3 a lot?
No, and I miss the hell out of her.

Describe 4 in 3 words?
Caring, witty, intelligent. She's always been there for me, cried for me when I just didn't have the emotional ability to care about myself anymore, and was smart enough to tell me any and everything one person would do to me and just how much it would destroy me as it was happening. She was there for me at an essential time when I literally had no more friends, and she's always been there. And I'll be there for her as well.

What did you buy 1 for their birthday?
Stocking stuffers. Her dad got hot sauce, Eleni got some lotion I think, and then Eva got some little toys.

Have you traveled anywhere with 5?

Do you have fun with 7?
Yeah. [= She's still a really good friend, even after all this time. Hopefully we'll be hanging out in Los Angeles or something in March.

Is 2 a cool person?
Cooler than the other side of the pillow, which warms up really quickly once you turn it over, so no, she's pretty much just kinda cool and then mellows off into a disappointing lukewarm.

Who is the loudest?
Eva. [= She yells a lot.

Do any of them get on your nerves sometimes?
Nah, not really. Some of them have made me REALLY irritated to the point of breaking, but a lot of them I do not fight with at all, especially no.

Do you know when 6's birthday is?
August 24th, 1982.

What do you really think of 3?

Best memory with 4?
She practically saved me.

Does 1 even know you?
You know, I think about that everytime I see her. "Do you even KNOW me, Evangelina?" then I'm all like "I have no idea if you'd remember me." and I get offended because giving children adult-like emotions is fun.

Does 7 live close?
Nope. But I've always hoped she'd give up stupid ass Flah and come to cool ass Cah.

Do you have any classes with 2?
I would[n't] love to have classes with her.

Have you and 3 ever hooked up?
Twice. She's bitchy. >=/ (No, never.

Are you and 8 close?
She's my cousin.

Do you wanna kiss 4?
lol, no thanks.

Is 6 a good person?
(That's not plural, she's not pregnant and getting pregnant, so I guess it's "When she makes an adorable baby*")

Does 2 own a car?
Her bf doess.

How did you choose your Top 8?

1. She's my neice.

2. She acts more like me than anyone else I know, I think. But maybe I'm wrong.

3. She begged to be on here.

4. Still a great friend.

5. BECAUSE I CAN'T HAVE MY BOYFRIEND ON MY TOP8, SO SHE'S KINDA LIKE HAVING HIM THERE? lol. Just kidding. :D she's cool beans. And I think she's really fun.

6. She's my cousin.

7. She's almost like a sister to me.

8. She's also my cousin.


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From Comment
Sexy Vampire, I've Fall…

Online Now! Jan 17, 2009 2:38 PM
You were quite obnoxious about it but I finally obided. :( I'd really love to see you, especially since I'm going to En Why in a few weeks. I'd like to stop by and say hello. Ashleigh Bashleigh told me she's going to see you and I'm supah jeluhz. I'll see if I can do a pit stop near you. [= I'd really like to see you. -Delete-
♥[13/30]Missing my Husb…

Jan 17, 2009 10:16 AM
See! Exactly why I love you! I am laughing my ass off at work and the old people are looking at me funny...I love how you said I am pushy. I never had a word for how I am sometimes! And that just fits! So thanks...bitch. =P (Come visit me!!! Its nice and cold! Annnnd I love what you said about me, really. Thanks. And thanks for adding me on your top 8, even if it took you forever to hear my pleas. =P ) -Delete

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Yeah. [08 Jan 2009|05:27pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

1. I've come to realize that girls.
Sometimes don't make the best of friends.

2. I've come to realize that my job.
Is non-existant at the moment, but I am in the midst of studying for the test to get into college, which um. Yeah, no, that counts. [=

3. I've come to reali​ze that when I'm drivi​ng.​​.​​.
I pretend to be asleep.

4. I've come to reali​ze that I need.​​.
to get out.

5. I've come to reali​ze that my heart​.​​.​​.
Is an everchanging snowflake.

6. I've come to reali​ze that I hate it when.​​.​​.
I, or anyone around me, is stressed.

​7. I've come to reali​ze that when I look in the mirro​r.​.​.​
I've become a lot nicer with myself and how I look. I still need to dye my hair, though. :]

8. I've come to reali​ze that money​.​​.​​.
Doesn't grow on trees, but is made from them.

9. I've come to reali​ze that certa​in peopl​e.​​.​​.
Are trustworthy.

10. I've come to reali​ze that I'll never​ be.​​.​​.
Janet Jackson.

11. I've come to reali​ze drugs​ are.​​.​​.
Not for me.


I've come to reali​ze that my best frien​d(s)
Are coming back into my life.

13. I've come to reali​ze that my cell phone​.​​.​​.
Needs minutes.

14. I've come to reali​ze that last night​ befor​e i went to sleep​.​​.​​.
I lay in bed, thinking.

15. I've come to reali​ze when i woke up this morni​ng.​​.​​.​.
I lay in bed, thinking.

16. I've come to reali​ze that right​ now I am think​ing about​.​​.​​.
Love. New York. Money. College. Tests. Studying. My dog and how she's going to outlive us all. Saving the world. Eating Artichoke Hearts. Wishing that we had Jackfruit or Dragonfruit in America. Wondering if I'm still as smart as I used to be.

17. I've come to reali​ze that I get on Myspa​ce.​​.​
And usually put up graphics out of boredom.

18. I've come to reali​ze that yeste​rday.​​.​.
Was better than expected, with a few bumps.

19. I've come to reali​ze that today​.​​.
IS pretty peaceful. We're talking about important things, and that's always good. Also, I had some Happy Noodle, and that ends up making me super hungry for hours on end. Quick Note: Shouldn't it be "Happy Noodles"? Why just one noodle? Is one the optimistic leader of the group? Is he like, the Leo? And the rest are just followers? It should of been "One Happy Noodle and His Very Content and Much Less Delicious Friends, But Still Just as Important." Or simply "OHNaHVCaMLDFbSJaI."

20. I've come to reali​ze that tonig​ht.​​.​​.
Is going to be better than last night, but not as good as tomorrow. [=

21. I have come to reali​ze that tomor​row.​​.​​.
Is Friday. Hoping to do a quick run to the mall and grab some applications. Just incase the testing doesn't go well.

22. I've come to reali​ze that I reall​y want to.​​.​​.
Start college. Go to New York. See Central Park. Stop making New Years Resolutions to lose weight. Be proud of what I've done so far, and stop wanting to do more. PS: I lost 6 pants sizes!11!2aol.com1! Woo.

23.​I'​​ve come to reali​ze that I love.​​.​​.
MY MAN. AND HIS MANE. (That's Leo-speak for "hair" :/ they love their hair. THEY being Leos. Not like, they being black guys. He's Spanish, so like, why would I call him black? You're making this more awkward than it needs to be. I'm ashamed of you.)

24. I've come to reali​ze that I dont remem​ber.​.​.​.
My dad.

25. I've come to reali​ze that this weeke​nd.​​.​​.
Is prolly gonna be boring. [=

26. I've reali​zed the best music​ to liste​n to when I am upset​.​​.​​.
I have a whole soundtrack for sadness.

27. I've come to reali​ze that some frien​ds.​​.​.​.
Aren't really your friends at all. :: But the ones you don't expect, will wait until you come around and have missed you the whole time. And that's almost worth losing them in the first place, to enjoy who you've both become over the years and to know your bond is tighter than ever and you'll never have to go through that much turmoil again. yo.

28. I've come to reali​ze that this year.​​.​​.
I'm getting it all together.


Who was the last male you talke​d to?


Who is someo​ne that can alway​s make you laugh​?​​​


What were you doing​ at 10am this morni​ng?​​​
Talking to Ricky.


What were you doing​ an hour ago?
Trying to lay down unsuccessfully. Not tired enough.

Do you plan on movin​g withi​n the next year?​​​
I don't plan to because it's quite unrealistic, but my heart would love to tell my brain to be quiet for a few moments and say yes! I'd love to move. I want to move. I'm going to begin working towards moving and getting that together. I want it really bad. Realistically, it's probably not going to happen. But optimistically, I think it'd be fantastic. And if it doesn't happen this year, then maybe the next year? Or in a few years. We're young. We have our lives.


Are you weari​ng anyth​ing on your feet?​​​
SOCKS, yo.


What are you looki​ng forwa​rd to in the next 3 month​s?​​​
Hopefully New York.

Do you remem​ber your dream​s?​
Usually if I remember something, it's a nightmare. I had a really profound one a few months ago, though. It made me ecstatic. I asked God to show me where I'll be in 5 years, and I don't know if it was wishful thinking, but it was great.


who did your last hug come from?​​​
Ugh, my dog. She's SOOO cuddly. >=/ amirite.


Have you been to a baby showe​r?​​​


What color​ is your hair brush​?​​​
Blue/Black like my soul.

39Do you watch​ the Super​ Bowl?​​​
For the commercials.


What about​ World​ Cup?
ummmm... let's say no. ;/ To avoid the stereotypical jokes. ;[

Do you sleep​ with a teddy​ bear?​​
No but I have my smelly, chubby, runt of the litter doggy Simba who thinks she's a bear. :D We're worried.


What is the last movie​ you watch​ed?​​​
PS: I Love You. It's really beautiful. I skip to Ireland and just watch from there. I watch it when I'm in the midst of being sad/missing someone, and wanting to just finally cry and let it out. That movie brings it out of you.

What movie​ do you think​ every​one shoul​d watch​?​​​
Fight Pulp Fiction Club Resevoir Kill Dogs Bill.

Do you have your futur​e child​ren'​​​s names​ picke​d out?
Achilles, Stavros. Orrr Liliana. lol. ;/ [= Get it?! >=/

What color​ is your mailb​ox?​​​

Do you have to drive​ over a bridg​e to get home?​​​
um. no, i certainly do not. But if I did! I'd make a joke like "GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE." or "I HOPE YOU FALL OFF A BRIDGE." or even better "I HOPE YOU TRIP."

What brand​ is your compu​ter print​er?​​​
Wow, I just looked. It's called "Brother" and no I'm not kidding you.

How many cars can fit in your drive​way?​​​
OH, is this a blond joke? :D I BLOW INTO THE WIND PIPE. Right? is that the ending to this one? Or I say "NO ONE IN THIS BUILDING?"

Who was your Kinde​rgard​en teach​er?​​​
I had 2 because I had a big accident...Thanks for reminding me about my accident. You self-centered, selfish survey.

Are you talle​r than your mom?
:( Let's just say my mom was the gnome on Expedia commercial's double, and I'm an Amazon.

Do you have any bruis​es right​ now?
Yeah on my tummy. No idea how I got them.

Are you cold right​ now?
It's kind of mild? Like, upper half of my body is warm, my hands are always cold, then its like.. warm.

Do any of your close​ frien​ds have kids?​​​
All of you bitches got knocked the fuck up.

Do you know anyon​e who is pregn​ant right​ now?
no. All of myfriends already have kids. You slut puppies.

What is the close​st red objec​t to you?

What is your favor​ite video​ game?​
Oh cause I have one. -- Are they called VIDEO games anymore? Shouldn't they be called "High definition, flat screen accessible, highly pixelated and overtly bright lighted moving colors-Americans"?

Do you look more like your mom or dad?

Have you ever broke​n a pinat​a?​​​
lol. funny story..

Who was the last perso​n in your bedro​om?​​​

What are your plans​ for this weeke​nd?​​​

Have you ever crawl​ed throu​gh a windo​w?​​​
No. :/

Do you lose your keys often​?​​​

How many keys are on your keych​ain?​​​
What keychain.

When was your last encou​nter with the polic​e?​​​
What keychain.

Do you sing in the showe​r?​​​
No one in this building?

Do you alway​s wear your seatb​elt in the car?
The car makes you wear it or it begins to beep, so rebellion and stupidity isn't an option, but to still keep the "PARTY GURL IMAGE" up I'm gonna insist no. I do not. I let that bitch beep until we get there, or someone tellsme to put it on. Cause thats how I roll. In a car. With no seatbelt. Because I like repetitive beeping.

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Hahaosjdo;jfOFJSf;JSDFODSJf;odsjf!! [05 Jan 2009|08:09pm]
[ mood | LOL ]


-Kyle, on white people dancing.

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What I want for my birthday... [05 Jan 2009|04:32pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Snake Charmer.

And that's it.

I want Snake Charmer.
and nothing else.
It's back, for the first time since 2005.



No, rly.

Spr rly.


I now play a little Wrath de la Lich. [=

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Resos. [02 Jan 2009|01:48pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

I usually try not to make them because they always get broken, but here's some I'm going to try.

xx Lose More Weight.
I've lost a bit of weight, and I really don't want to go back. I want ot lose more. I've been working out a little bit lately, but I'm going to do a more hardcore work out, going with my friend who wants to go. We both talk a lot, so we might be exhausted by the first pull. [=

xx Be More Positive.
This has been a harder one for me. I've been working for years to be more positive, but only recently did I become super-duper uber most positive. I've fixed this a lot more, I'm much happier and much more happy/fun. However! Always room for improvement. :]

xx Keep Complaining About How Many Sweets I've Given Up
As we all know, I've given up sweets. Completely. No coffee, no chocolate, no skittles, no banana cream pie, no chocolate bars, no white chocolate mocha venti with whipped cream and fat on the side, no more tres leche, kalithropita, cupcakes, cakes (i've never liked these,) or chocolate pecan pie. Which actually sucks, because I've began to love cooking/baking. Never knew I had it in me. I might go back to baking again and just give the food to my family. [= QUICK, BECOME RELATED TO ME.

xx Finally Allow Myself to Look How I Want to Look.
Over the years, I've kind of muted myself from things I would love to wear more of, like make-up and actually good clothes. I've changed, especially since High School, to wearing makeup/way expensive clothes, but I haven't really been wearing 100% what I want to. I let my scars stop me from wearing eyeliner/lip liner, or anything else like that. I used to just wear foundation, but I think its about time I just embrace I can do what I want.

xx Be More Successful.
I've been stopping myself from being successful for many reasons. I have a ton of personal fears that have been holding me back. I've been trying desperately to get a job, putting in application after application, probably over 20-30 over the past 2-3 years. I'm tired of it. I want to either get a new job finally, join college, or become a professional Video Poker Player.

xx Keep Being Hilarious.
I'm really funny. I mean I'm really, really funny. I'm hilarious. I have a dark, quick humor which is dry and witty. If you don't get me, you never will, but those who do find me extremely hilarious. I am nothing less than genius. I will see that Ikeep that up. You're welcome, life.

xx Stop Being Insecure.
Gone were the days when I used to say "I'm fat, I'm fat, hey guys didn't you know I'm fat? If you didn't, I am, and that's what I'll always be. I was born fat, living fat, and gonna be fat. No matter how hard I try, I'm fat, and I'll never amount to anything. I'm fat, fat, fat, and then some more fat. If I were a food product, I'd be turned into butter." Okay, so maybe I exaggerated, but if you knew me around anytime before/during I was 16-17, you know I used to have a huge problem with my insecurities. I despised how I looked, and I would complain excessively until people would be annoyed, including me. I stopped this habit many years ago, but I'm bringing it up to prove a point: I've stopped saying it, not just out of maturity, but because I don't feel it anymore. I am a lot more confident about myself. A lot. I'm comfortable with who I am. I've become what I've wanted to be, losing a few pounds, 30, but nothing too much. I'm great with myself. I'm just fine. And I wanna keep that up. I don't ever wanna go back to being so insecure that I skip out on life; But everyone has insecurities, and I put this resolution here so I can remember how far I've come and how far I need to go. <3

xx I Will Stop Posting MySpace Surveys, Bulletins, Pictures, Comments, Messages, Blogs, Videos, and Anything Else Entertaining.
Like right now. ;)

♥ Anna!


Jan 3, 2009 8:52 AM
Those are good new years resolutions. And I am now legally related to you. I will be sending you the papers shortly. =)

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YESSSS [24 Dec 2008|04:20pm]
My perfumes came in! :DDD
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party. [21 Dec 2008|06:25pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

The party last night was alot of fun. I had a good time. Everyone was drunk. I had only a few drinks. ♥ The girlfriends of the guys who were being crazy were all inside with us, and the boyfriends were just getting effed up out back. It was really cool to hang out with my old, old friend. I've missed her so much. Good to have you back in my life, gurl. Gee-You-Are-Elll.


Tonight is a bad, bad night, though. I'm just not having a good day. I'm overly tired, couldn't sleep last night. I've been up basically since 4am, and just can't seem to sleep. I'm trying to get some shut eye to relax my mind, but not happening. And some subject was brought up that I do not want to talk about.


vidi, venni, vicci.

Some survey I filled out or whatever.
Few nights ago.Collapse )

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best vids. [19 Dec 2008|06:30pm]
[ mood | creative ]


kitty petting parrot

Cat Vs Puppy

Talking Dog

boy meets lobster

Cupcake The Kitten

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YESSSS!! [07 Dec 2008|04:11pm]
[ mood | proud! ]

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BABY. ONE YEAR, 4 MONTHS. =] Muuuah. You my papi, Papi, and I adore you. ;)

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Me and My Man's Zodiacs ]for fun[ [07 Dec 2008|03:42pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Zodiac Graphics for Meeee</lj cut> <a href=Collapse )

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Written Nov 3rd. [08 Nov 2008|10:27am]
[ mood | creative ]

I didn't read many of these, just skimmed 'em. Reading now. If I put something in ( ) it means I'm replying. Some questions may be repeated.

Longest real relationship?
This one. It's been broken a lot, but it's lasting a long time in general. Been more than a year. In 6-7 days, it's going to be our 15th month. Yes, we have two anniversaries. Yes, you're jealous. No, you shouldn't vote on Prop 8.

Shortest relationship?
Two weeks. Thug life.

Are you happier single or in a relationship?
Honestly, in a relationship, but there's nothing wrong with being single.

Have you ever been cheated on?

Have you ever broken someone's heart?
Didn't know until much later.

Still like any of your exes?
Not at all in that way. I don't talk to any.

If you could​ go back in time would you change things with an ex?
There's always things you would like to change in the end, and that's where growth and learning experiences come from.

Any of your exes feel the same way?
Don't know, don't care.

Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend?
Everyone has growing to do. I'm trying to be a lot more positive, understanding, and lot less jealous, but all in all, I think I'm a damned good girlfriend, and I wish I could date myself. It'd be fantastic to the max. Wouldn't even need my boyfriend, and dates would be a lot cheaper.

Wait, on second thought, my boyfriend can come too.

Have you ever broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, then gotten back together?

Have you dated people who weren't good to you?

Have you ever dated someone older than you?

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
Rarely, but in some cases, yes.

Believe in love at first sight?
Yes, but different from what you're saying. Love at first sight can be seeing your baby for the first time, or the rewards you've earned yourself over the years for striving for excellence. Love at first sight can be finding the perfect mix of colors to entertain your asthetics long enough to bring emotion to the surface. Love at first sight is seeing animals rescued at shelters and finding a home. Love at first sight can be watching Robert Plant hit the perfect guitar riffs for the first time ever. Just kidding, Jimmy Paige was the guitarist for Led Zeppelin, just thought I'd throw that in to piss off Zach. Love at first sight has nothing to do with the rippage of pantelones or wooden spoons. Love at first sight is voting Obama.

Ever dated two people at once?

Do you have something to say to any of your exes?
I would tell them to vote yes on Prop 2, and prevent animals from being treated so inhumanely. Even if you're going to eat them, you should take care of them. They have feelings and although this sounds a little weird, they deserve to be treated as humanely as possible if you're going to fucking eat them, and that goes for my own damned self, as well.
Wait, what was the question?

Ever stolen someone's boyfriend or girlfriend?

Is heartbreak really as bad as it sounds?
Yeah, it is. Sadness, depression and heart break can be the most feared and horrible things in the world. No one wants to be sad. Like children in hospitals who need to be taken care of. Yes on Prop 3, help them get better medical.

Are you looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Think they are going to post this?
No, he doesn't have MySpace.


For those of us older than High School age!
Tired of all of those surveys made up by high school kids?
'Have you ever kissed someone?'
'Missed someone?..
'Told someone you loved them?
'Drank alcohol?

50 questions for the people who are a little older.

What bill do you hate paying the most?
The bill of Prop 4 where it will ruin teenage girls and guys, alike, and force them to tell their parents of what they're doing, sexually. Making them afraid and not get their tests they need.

Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?
Um. Wait, let me think hard. omg, 2 years ago. Olive Garden.

Do you regret losing your virginity to who you lost it to

What do you really want to be doing right now?

Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now?
It's good for spreading politics and banter about people's sex lives.

What are your thoughts on gas prices?
They're going down, so I guess the war in Iraq has been improving.


First thought when the alarm went off this morning?
I wake up naturally early.

What was the last thing you thought of before you went to sleep last night?
"Are you going to the party or not?"

Do you miss being a child?
Read that as "Do you miss blessing children." In either cases, no. I don't miss Ft. Benning and I was a total push over. Oh, and short. What the hell was that shortness all about.

What errand/chore do you despise?
Cleaning, isn't it obvious?

Get up early or sleep in?
Getting up early has always seemed to happen to me.

Favorite lunch meat?
Turkey or lamb.

What do you get every time you go into Wal-Mart?
Salmonella poisoning.

Beach or lake?

Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?
Hell yeah. Divorce now, Alexa, you're being republican.

Do you own property?
In Monopoly.

Favorite movie you wouldn't want anyone to find out about?
My Neighbor Totoro.

Who from high school would you like to run in to?
Everyone. But at the same time. But then I'd probably fall. One at a time, get in a line.

Sopranos or Desperate Housewives?
I was a Soprano, but that show is off the air and pretty violent; Desperate Housewives I don't watch, so I'll go with Ugly Betty ftw, plx.

Grey's or 'The Office?
Office, Steve Carell is Greek and we all know I support those who support goats.

What famous person would you like to have dinner with?
Eric Bana, Rob Machado, Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix, wait, dead or alive count? Nikos Vertis, Robert Curry, Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, Rocky Knuth, Ryan Greenspan, Todd Martinez, anyone on Lifetime who gets beat by their actor husbands.

Indoors or Outdoor?
Indoors, it's hot.

Have you ever crashed your vehicle?

Have you ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended purpose?
Fog machine? Yep.

Do you have a teddy bear?
If by "Teddy Bear" you mean regular pillow, then yeah.

Strangest place you have ever brushed your teeth?
I'm not extreme when it comes to tooth brushing, although I think the term should be "teeth brushing" because I'm not doing one at a time.

Somewhere in California you've never been and would like to go?
South Central. I rep.

Do you go to church?
Not anymore.

At this point in your life would you rather start a new career or a new relationship?

How old are you?



Does your myspace password have to do with a guy?
Nope, food. Duh.

Are you a dirty girl?
I don't get it.

Small or big purses?
Big, small purses look like coin purses on me.

Do you sleep in a bra?

Coach purse or NFL game tickets?
Can I trade them both for PB tickets.

Do you enjoy drama?
No, I hate it, especially my own.

Did you dress up on Halloween?
Yepp. Last time I was a fairy who was obviously dying and wouldn't survive without the obnoxious prescence of pink and pepto colors. You're welcome.

Do you call anybody by their last name?
I tend to say Ricky's last name a lot. I try to annoy him but it honestly doesn't work, which I just noticed now.
New plan!

How many guys will read this just because it says "FEMALE SURVEY"?

Do you wear makeup?
No, I kind of gave up the whole make up thing, but I want to go back to it.

Can you put on mascara without opening your mouth?
Yeah, it's hard not to, but it can be done, I just stop putting on the mascara.

Have you ever been called a bad influence?
Yeah, my friend's mom told her not to talk to me because I was a stoner. I'm kind of sick of people thinking I've done or would do drugs. Just because I'm amazingly hilarious and good looking, doesn't mean I need a boost in personality from drugs. I'm plenty fun when telling people not to party without being sober. Double negatives are my best friends.

American Eagle or Hollister?

Heels or flats?
When you're taller than almost all the guys you walk into, heels don't become an option. Ever. I lost that chance in the 4th grade when I hit 5'4.

Jeans or skirt?

Heels or sneakers?

Straight or curly hair?
It's naturally curly.

Hoops or dangling earrings?
Both. At the same time.

Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?

Do you have a best friend?
Yeah but we don't like the term best friends, we use the term "Emotionally Adept Females Who've Bonded over the Years.

Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?

Do you like your life?
Yeah, it's gosu.

Ever walked into the guy's bathroom?
Yeah, I favor urinals or whatever, or whatever.

Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on?

Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
Yeah. No. Kinda.

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?

Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind?


cowboy or gangster?
Ballin'. No one wants their man on a damned horse. You can't fight crime on a horse, in a state that has laws against guns.

Preppy, Punk or Goth?

Well-educated or Dropout?
Dropout, cause that means he might be Kanye West.

Contacts or Glasses?
Glasses. Couldn't wear contacts.

Funny or Serious?

Romantic or Dare devil?
Dare Devil was a stupid ass movie.

Cute or Hot?
Cute, because hot can wear off. Maybe I'm talking about myself. :/ I SAID IM CONFIDENT.

Long or short hair?
SHORT. I HATE, HATE, HATE long hair. Oh my god I hate long hair, I cannot stand it. When a guy begins to grow his hair out, I kinda just wait until he'll cut it again. I mean, there's been only one person who I was okay with having longer hair. but that's 'cause he called it "naps". That's just 2legit2quit.

Good singer or good dancer?
Singer. Talking about myself. I tried to go to ABDC, but they said I danced like I was underwater. I thought they meant like a mermaid, but they meant like drowning. Fucking hollywood.

Smoker or non-smoker?
Non. please. thanks.


Is there a meaning behind your profile song?
I have a lot of songs and a lot of meanings.

Do you have a best friend?

What are you listening to?

What's your favorite fruit?
Tico Berry, which doesn't exist. I love you Ugly Betty.

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?

Do you give out second chances too easily?
Nope. I think I only have given out an extra chance once. He blew it, he didn't bring the hot sauce.

Where is one place you want to visit again?

Do you like hugs or do you freak when people hug you?
I don't like hugs.

Describe your last hug?
It was close and uncomfortable. Also, it was 2 years ago. I was all crying and he was all like "YO ITS NO BIG DEAL, IM CHEETING ON U ANYWYZ SO DUNT MAK THIS A BIG DEL UNO WUT IM SAYIN" and I said "Igotdatright.

Is there any emotion you're trying to avoid right now?

Was it a boy or a girl to text you last?
lol that was years ago, but a boy. saying happy b-day.
Dunno what the b stands for, Bad? Bread? Banana?

When was the last time you had Starbucks?
Long time ago.

Are you currently wanting any body piercings or tattoos?

Do you sleep on your stomach?
All the time.

Are you ticklish?

What are you doing today?
Wanna hang out or something.

What's your current problem?
Not right now,.

Angry at anyone?
There's always a little room for anger =]

Who would you do anything for?

Are you happy with your life?
Yeah. Could use some improvements, but I'm working on those.

Can you talk to people about anything?
Some people.

What are you thinking of right now?
Finding a job, filling out the apps I have, getting a ticket.

What should you be doing right now?
Eating, I've been hungry for a while and not acknowleding it.
Also, getting spell check for "acknowledging"

Who was the last person who yelled at you?

What is your natural hair color?
I don't know. Honestly. Was blonde, I think brunette now.

Where will you be in an hour?
Showering and cleaning clothes. I live life to it's fullest.

You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life, what is it?
Vitamin water, it's water, but juice!

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

When was the last time you felt like your heart was actually breaking?

Last One


(001) Your gender:

(002) Straight/gay/bi?:

(003) Single?:

(004) Want to be?:

(005) Age?:

(006) Age you wish you were:

(009) The color of your eyes:

(010) Piercings:
Ears, lip, tongue, nose. Nose and ears healed up. Getting rid of lipring.

(012) Tattoos:
None, want one.


(013) Smoke:

(015) Read the newspaper:

(017) Talk to strangers who IM you:
Nope, auto-block.

(018) Take walks in the rain:
When it rains, I'm definitely not inside.

I'MBORED. :] Byee.

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dotdotdot [29 Jul 2008|08:58am]
[ mood | meh ]

we broke up.
11 months.
couldn't even make a full year.
but do I ever?

Oh well.
I'm okay.

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VOTE JABBA. [21 Mar 2008|10:01pm]
Vote JabbaWockeeZ, SD Reppin'. :D <333 Go to MTV, click and click. Gogogog.

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